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Enhancing your network through education, motivation and community involvement!

Interested in joining? Here's how:


1. Check to make sure that your industry is not already represented in the group you'd like to join.  If it is, you can still make a one-month visit to the group and talk to the lead about starting your own group or visiting another group that does not currently have your profession represented.


2. If there is not an obvious conflict with an existing member then send us an email, and let us know you would like to attend a meeting.


3. Attend two consecutive group meetings. If after those meetings you would like to join the group, please inform the lead to that group.  Please feel free to visit the group for a month.  


4. The group members will be given the opportunity to approve your membership. Approval is mandatory in order to become a member.  If approved, after the 4th visit to the group you must pay dues in order to become a member and to attend future group meetings.




Weekly Networking Meetings - Meet with like-minded professionals motivated to network like you


Monthly Professional Educational Focus - Presented at your weekly group meetings


Monthly Motivational Videos - We will inspire you to improve your sales, self and network


Improve your online profile - As a team, improve your online presence through many social media outlets and with online comments through your google and other business pages


Online resources - When you login into the members site you will have at your fingertips a variety of many different online resources that will help you in all aspects of your business and life


Public speaking - If you're a pro or deathly afraid of speaking in front of an audience, you will be able to practice this weekly with a group that will encourage you through your 30-second commercials and your business presentation




Membership Due Options (dues are non-refundable)


Annual Due: $295 a year along with a one-time setup fee of $99


Discount:  Chamber members get a discount, click here


Member rewards:  Once you're a member for five years your annual due will be $250 for year 5 to year 9.  Once you're a member for 10 years the cost drops to $80* and will stay that amount for the life of your membership.

*Grandfathered members also pay this price.


OUR PRIVACY POLICY: Your privacy is of the greatest importance to IN 2 Networking, we will never release your personal information to any outside companies for mailings or marketing purposes.